Apr 28

April Frame within a Frame 2017

2017 April – Frame within a Frame
Standard Prints
Highly Commended – Front Entrance – Sam Mariani
Highly Commended – Horror Story – Alison Crea
Commended – Schoolgirl at Window – Sam Mariani
Commended – Tahbik Cellars – Russell Spence
Commended – The Forgotten Bride – Alison Crea
Novice Digitals
Highly Commended – Shining Light – Vali Ghobadi
Commended – Cambodian Temple – Jenny Howes
Commended – Picture in a Frame – Maria Malley
Commended – Train to Nowhere – Antony Crowther
Standard Digital
Highly Commended – At the Dentist – Alison Crea 
Highly Commended – Cooking up a Storm – Sam Mariani
Commended – Gone Fishing – Alison Crea
Commended – I can see your house from here – Arty Richetti
Commended – Shanghai Garden – Russell Spence
Commended – Young Monk – Sam Mariani

Apr 08

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – April 30th 2017

Apr 06

March Icons of Melbourne Competition 2017


2017 Mar- Melbourne Icons
Novice Prints
Commended – Inside the Web – Michelle Reid
Standard Prints
Highly Commended – Cow in Tree – Alison Crea
Highly Commended – Just for Fun – Sam Mariani
Novice Digitals
Highly Commended – Autumn Shores – Andrew Isaac
Commended – Behind the Sheds – Maria Malley
Commended – Franco Cozzo – Arty Richetti
Commended – Melbourne Spire – Arty Richetti
Commended – Princes Bridge – Vali Ghobadi
Standard Digital
Highly Commended – Melbourne Central – Alison Crea
Commended – Melbourne Art – Sam Mariani
Commended – Shrine of Remembrance – Alison Crea
Commended – Station Pier – Russell Spence
Commended – Underneath the Jim Stynes Bridge – Russell Spence


Mar 31

Preston Photographic Club member Alison Crea featured by Canon . Alison is an inspiring photography and person and we are proud that she is a member of our club.

"Hi! My name is Alison from AliC Photography. I'm a busy mum to 11 kids aged from newborn to 24 and I live in Coburg,…

Posted by Canon Australia on Thursday, 30 March 2017

Mar 05

February Open Competition 2017

Novice Digital
Highly Commended – Even Weeds can Look Good – Sue Jenkinson
Commended – Riviera Nights – Andrew Isaac
Standard Digital
Highly Commended – Spiderman – Alison Crea
Highly Commended – Brothers at Play – Sam Mariani
Highly Commended – The Swing – Alison Crea
Commended – Chinese Junk – Russell Spence
Standard Print
Highly Commended – Harry Potter for the 5th Time – Jasmine Hirst
Highly Commended – The Great Escape – Jasmine Hirst
Commended – Banksia – Sandra Alesiani
Commended – Cactus – Russell Spence
Commended – Circle of Life – Alison Crea
Commended – Hut in the Woods – Deb Keir

Feb 05

A little piece of history of our club.

A conference was proposed to be held on the 26th and 27th September 1952. A constitution (modified 1908) was to be put to the conference.
Victorian clubs were each invited to send two delegates to the conference to form the Victorian Federation of Camera Clubs. The conference was held at the M.C.C., 123 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. 27 delegates came from 12 clubs. A new name, viz. the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies, was adopted. The first executive committee was elected, with Wilf Broadhead (M.C.C.) as president. As pointed out there were 12 formation clubs (see below). V.A.P.S. was underway.
Foundation clubs:
Adult Education Assoc.
Ballarat C.C.
Bendigo C.C.
Gordon Photographic Society Geelong
Healesville C.C.
Kodak C.C.
Melbourne C.C.
The Photographic Society of Victoria
Preston Photographic Club
Sale C.C.
Southern Suburbs Photographic Society
The Victorian Railways Institute Camera Club

Feb 05

So many photographic opportunities so close to home :)


Jan 09

2017 Program

Check our our exciting program for 2017 in the Program Tab.

Dec 27

To see all the sensational images from out End of Year competition please head over to the Gallery tab to have a look 🙂

Dec 27

2016 Image of the Year – The Pearl Earring by Alison Crea


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